You’ve planned the perfect elopement day!

You’ve got your dress, you chose your favorite sustainable florist, your incredible photographer, custom suit – the works. You’re planning a hike up to an alpine lake in the Rocky Mountains at sunrise, and you are so freaking excited.

If you’re still on the fence about having a videographer, let me share my top 5 reasons why you NEED a videographer for your Colorado elopement!

#1. Motion

I absolutely ADORE that more photographers are embracing capturing movement and creating gifs for couples, but nothing captures the day like video. Seeing your life in motion is an out of body experience. Think about some of the most moving films you’ve watched. A single photo wouldn’t capture the whole experience of those scenes that tug at our heartstrings. Imagine seeing YOUR love story that way. Seeing the wind blow your hair… the birds fly across the sky… your dogs chasing each other… the way your partner looks at you – a smile slowly forming as they think about the first time you met…

Your photos will be stunning. You’ll print them to put on your wall, you get an album, but they don’t immerse you quite like video!

2. Audio

Your words are your story! Audio adds that extra element that ties everything together. It’s what makes or breaks a film. And the ambient sounds of the day will make you feel like you’re right back there all over again.

With video, you’ll hear your voice break as you read through your vows. The sniffles, the laughter, your first look, the crackle of the fire and the clink of your glass as you toast to each other and your marriage.

And the music… Videographers spend a lot of time selecting the perfect music to set the scene to tell your story.

Having a video of your elopement day is a fully sensory experience.

3. The Legacy

Imagine getting to one day share your elopement day with your future kids, nieces, nephews. Even though we’re in a digital age where our lives are more documented than ever, it’s such a special heirloom.

This also tells a story about more than just you as a couple. This tells the story of the family that was there as witnesses, and the close friendships you have. This is everyone coming together to celebrate.

“We are absolutely losing our shit over here!!!!! !!!

My sister was in TEARS watching it – we streamed it on a big screen. Truly felt like a cinematic experience.

Thank you so much for capturing this. It means everything to us.”

Anna & Michael

4. Relive the day

Everything I’ve touched on so far keeps coming back to the same thought. Video allows you to relive your day!

Everybody will say this, wither you have a large or a small elopement… your wedding day flies by! Having the video in your hands allows you to travel back in time and remember the day. Or seeing things for the first time (like your partner getting ready!) Have you ever gotten so sucked into a movie or a show that you didn’t realize the sun set? You’ll get that feeling with your elopement film.

5. No Regrets

The #1 thing I hear from couples is that they regret not having video from their wedding day. You think you don’t need it, so you don’t budget for it, and as your day gets closer, maybe a couple of your friends got married and got their films, and you realize just how special it is to have a video!

A lot of people think that they’ll never watch their film, so it isn’t important, but remember, this isn’t necessarily for today’s you. It’s for the you 5, 10,15, 20, 50 years from now that will get to look back and enjoy this over and over again.

Many of my couples watch their sneak peeks and feature films back to back after delivery because they love them so much!

So what next?

Hiring a videographer for your elopement is such a personal decision, and it’s one you should feel good about! Chat with a few videographers, see who you vibe with, and get that video!

And if you’re ready to get the conversation started to plan your dream Colorado elopement, let’s chat!