Super 8 Videographer

nostalgic and dreamy film for your elopement

Hey There!


I love the look of film, the nostalgia, and the joyful energy that comes from this medium, so naturally it was something that I wanted to include for my couples!

I think there is nothing more magical than the surprise of film. Everything about this medium is whimsical and dreamy, which is why I decided that it was a “must have” for elopements!


Super 8 Film was introduced in 1965 by Kodak at the Worlds Fair. Being a cheaper format, this really brought film into people’s households for the first time in history. The cartridges made things simple, and they also has projectors available before digitization became a thing.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen this format trending the wedding and elopement world


I love the “home video” feel of super 8 footage. The first time I got scans back, I actually cried watching the footage. There’s no audio, the focus was a little hard to get at times, but it was so raw and authentic, which is exactly the feel I want for my films. I have spent years mimicking the look of Super 8 film, but nothing compares to the real deal.

Do you charge extra for Super 8?

Nope! Super 8 is included in all elopement and wedding packages?

Can I book you for only Super 8?

I totally get it! Sometimes a full service videographer isn’t what you’re looking for, but you love love LOVE the look of Super 8 film, so yes, I can that! Please inquire with me for specific packages and pricing for Super 8 only.

Ready for your film dreams to come true?