You’re eloping!

You’ve found your photographer, your dress,

the perfect florist, and you’ve got your location picked…

it’s all coming together!


But something is missing…

Maybe your friends told you that you would regret not having a video.

Maybe you didn’t think that a videographer could keep up with you on your two day backpacking trip.

But at the end of the day, you have an epic adventure planned! And only having photos to document your day just doesn’t cut it.

You deserve to see the way your hair blew in the wind, and how your partner instinctively tucked it behind your ear, your eyes meeting for the unspoken “thank you.”

You deserve to hear the ways your voices cracked as you say your vows, and the way the tears rolled down your cheeks as you say “I do.”

You deserve to feel shivers down your spine as the music swells, and your sweet wispers come through the speakers, reliving those moments you shared along the way.


A man and a woman in wedding attire kiss in front of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

And you deserve for it to be done right.

Colorado Elopement Videographer stands in front of a green wall wearing a western style hat, a deep v neck black blouse, and paper bag waist pants

Hi! I’m Elizabeth


I love working with bold couples who want to skip traditions, make their own path, and form meaningful connections along the way.

I capture the beauty of your relationship, and mirror back the incredible story that is already unfolding.

When you work with me, you aren’t getting some big-shot, pushy broski making all the calls. I become your team member, your elopement wing-woman, a co-collaborator truly invested in making this day the perfect one for YOU.

Whether you hold a deep emotional connection with your partner, or enjoy the lighthearted jokes and hold space for humor, your film will reflect who you truly are.

I never put my couples into a box, create limitations, or use premeditated formulas because I believe in deep connection and authentic storytelling to create your custom film.

Your experience is my top priority.

"It Still Brings Tears to my Eyes"

Our wedding came together in a month time frame and we actually contacted Elizabeth about a week before our date! Gratefully she was kind enough and flexible enough to accommodate our quick timeline. We LOVED our video that Elizabeth put together for us – it still brings tears to my eyes and represents our day in a beautiful way. She is very creative and professional and even helped to capture a little extra than we contracted her for. Thank you Elizabeth!

– Ryan & Gina

“There seriously aren’t words that can describe how amazing our videos are”

“Elizabeth is an outstanding videographer! She is 100% someone that you can trust to capture your adventures and as an added bonus she is an awesome person to hang out with. She really goes the extra mile to make sure she captures all the special moments and she takes the time to get to know you. I can’t stress this enough, her films are absolutely incredible! She did the videography for both our engagement and elopement and we are beyond happy with the end results! One of the things we loved the most is that she is insanely good at capturing the most magical lighting in her videos. We truly feel so lucky that we found Elizabeth because there seriously aren’t words that can describe how amazing our videos are.”

– Caroline & Donny

"She was able to capture raw emotion and who I am as a person"

“I can’t begin to express how amazing of a photographer and videographer Elizabeth is! It is so easy to be yourself when she’s doing her work and the final product is always beyond what you can even imagine. She was able to capture raw emotion and who I am as a person. That is so rare to capture and she was able to do it. She is one of the best in Colorado and she cares deeply about her work and you as a client!”

– Lauren


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We love our photos. We can print them in albums, decorate our homes, share with friends and family, and pass down for future generations. They’re tangible.

But your wedding video will transport you back in time. The sights, the sounds, the movement… There’s no faking, no photoshop, no pretending with video.

It’s raw.


And Real.

Click through to see the beautiful photos versus the raw moments in video!

*Photos by the wonderful Hannah Bee Photography

Female owned an Operated

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Leave no trace aware

A man and a woman in wedding attire hold each other close. She has red hair, and he has brown hair with a short trimmed beard. They are standing in front of a large mountain

On top of creating an amazing, mind-blowing film that gives you all the feels, I also…

Include travel costs in all of my packages

What? No nickel and diming?

Absolutely not!

The last thing you want to worry about is sneaky added fees. The price you see is the price you get.

This also includes any photography permits for our locations. I’ve got it covered!

Coordinate with your photographer

I will connect with your photographer beforehand to work on the timeline together. I’ll usually hop on a zoom, or if they’re in my area, try to meet up in person. The best experience you can have is if your photographer and videographer are already friends. Many videographers don’t take this extra step, but I find it invaluable to the experience of the day

This is also why you will find my partner photographers here! I have worked with each of these creatives, our styles mesh well together, and we’re ready to slay.

Come prepared to hike or drive to any destination

Want to go down a gnarly 4×4 road? I’ll follow!

Want to backpack 10 miles over 2 days? I’ve been deadlifting my body weight, squatting heavy, and building up my cardio to go the extra mile.

Want to climb the Telluride Via Ferrata, I’ll lead the way!

I’ve hiked the trails, driven the roads, and I’m prepared to follow you wherever your adventure leads!

Include my exclusive vow guide

Writing your vows can be intimidating! So I wrote a custom guide to help walk you through some of the best moments of your relationship, and outline your vows to make writing a breeze! No other videographer that I know of offers this. It is 100% exclusive to Embr Films.


I deliver a 1 minute “teaser trailer” within 1 week of your elopement

(sometimes sooner because I can’t help myself)

Many videographers charge extra for this service, especially for such a quick turnaround.

So why do I include it?

  • Because your wedding is too beautiful for me to hold onto any longer! It needs to be in your hands ASAP!
  • Because you deserve to see how your partner looks at you when you’re not watching. It’s pure magic.
  • Because your people back home deserve to be transported to the middle of the forest with you even if they couldn’t be there.

    This means that you don’t have to wait months to see anything from your wedding!
A man and a woman hold each other close in a dense, green forest. She is wearing a golden yellow dress, he is wearing a blue suit. They look happy


Every package makes your Harry Potter fantasies come true with a digital album that plays your wedding film!

What the magic confundus is this?

Yes! You can hold your film in your hands like a photo album, display it on your coffee table, pull it out while you have friends over for a dinner party, or watch it while your partner is traveling.

Most videographers don’t offer this because they don’t know about it.

But I’m obsessed

And all my couples

are obsessed too.


  • One videographer
  • Super 8 Film
  • Teaser Film within 1 week of your wedding
  • Your ceremony film, from start to finish
  • A Minimum 2-4 minute feature film (longer film days mean longer edits at no extra charge
  • Digital Delivery
  • Custom Designed Video Album
  • Drone coverage if possible
  • Exclusive Vow Guide
  • Eco-Friendly Vendor Guide
  • Location Recommendations & Backups
a man and a woman in wedding attire are standing next to a jeep. she is getting into the jeep and he is holding the door with a flower bouquet partially covering his face




Up to 12 hours, anywhere in the US

You are the kind of person that doesn’t want to miss a single moment. From dusk till dawn, we’ll capture your entire day, packed full of your favorite places and activities.
But 12 hours sounds like a lot? Right? You’d be surprised how quickly the day flies by when you’re doing all your favorite things. 

Think of your best day ever…


This is that day.




Up to 8 hours, anywhere in the US

You’re the kind of person that wants to take your time and savor the day. You don’t want to be rushed. We’ll have time for getting ready, your first look, a short hike, your ceremony, portraits in a couple locations, a picnic, etc.


This will tell the story of your day, the adventure and the bliss – wholeheartedly.

*Most popular package!




Up to 4 hours, anywhere in the US

This no-frills package is perfect for couples who don’t want to beat around the bush. We’ll capture your vows, and a location or two of adventuring.


This is perfect for just the two of you, or a couple guests in tow.

*weekdays only




I thought so! I’m so excited to connect with you,

and film the best day of your lives!

To get started, fill out my contact form! You’ll fill out some details about your day, who you are, and what you’re envisioning for your film!

Next, we’ll schedule a call! This gets the ball rolling, and we find out if we’re a good fit, go over your vision, and start throwing around some ideas!

Once you decide that you want to make it official, I’ll send over a contract and invoice and you’re booked!

Then the real fun begins…


I am based in Colorado, but I am open to travel – By plane, train, road, or foot!

Travel is included for all US destinations, so if you have a dream to get married in Glacier National Park, or in the deserts of Moab, or your favorite city, I’ve got you.

Just say when, and I’ll be there!



As a videographer, I’m obviously biased, and I’ll say yes. But as a 2018 bride, I’ll also say yes. Video hits you in the feels in ways that your photos won’t. I only cried once on my wedding day – during my first look with my dad. When I watched our film… I cried. The day flew by so fast that I didn’t really process things in the moment. Getting to watch my day literally flash before my eyes brought back all the emotions and all the memories.

Your elopement film is more than just something to throw on facebook. It is an heirloom to show your future kids (or nieces/nephews if you are #childfree). It is something that can connect your family members to your day, even if they weren’t there. It is something you can watch every year on your anniversary and celebrate all over again. It is something you can watch if your partner is traveling and you want to hear how much they love you.

You will regret not having a video.


Do we really need a video?

Absolutely. Without question.

I say this both as a filmmaker who has seen the impact on my couples and their families, and as a bride who had video at the top of my list when I got married.

It was an out of body experience to see us in slow motion, the wind blowing my veil, the way my husband checked me out when I wasn’t looking, and to see those tears fall. I can’t wait to show this to our kids someday.

I love our photos, but our video just hits me in all the feels. It transports me back to that day. I get to truly relive that day.

Will you direct us all day?

I don’t pose, and I don’t direct, except for a handful of shots. For the most part, I lead you into moments of connection. What does that mean? It means that the entire day, you get to focus on each other. Talking. Touching. Exploring the world. I’ll give you queues, and general directions, and let you have fun in that space.

What if we aren’t good writers for our vows and letters?

Everybody thinks this at first, but every set of vows are incredible. With that being said, I do have an exclusive Vow Guide to help give you direction and a structure to help you write your vows.

If you need help writing, I am more than happy to answer any questions as you go through your guide and start writing your rough drafts!

Will you play nice with our photographer?

Absolutely! Photographers and videographers have been “at war” with one another for years, and I won’t play that game. We’re both here to make sure you have the best day ever.

This is also why I partner with Emily May Photography and have my preferred photographers. We already know each other, so coming together for your elopement just feels like fun.

Can we choose our own music?

Yes and no. I do take into consideration your energies, your preferences, instruments you love and hate, but ultimately I make the final call on the music. I have been playing instruments since I was 3, started composing my own songs when I was 12, and performed in elite groups and competitions in Colorado. I don’t half-ass my song selection, and I never use the same song twice. Your film will be truly custom.

Can we include personal footage in our film?

ABSOLUTELY! If you want to include home footage of you growing up, or your lives together before marriage, I would love to tell that part of your elopement video. I believe that every action we take in our lives ultimately leads us to our final destiny, so that is very important to me if you would like to include it.

Can we keep our film private?

If you are eloping and not telling anybody yet, absolutely. I respect your privacy, and you will always be the first to view your film before I post it to my website or my instagram.

I’m not an amazing writer, but all the vows I hear in your films are incredible, will mine meet your standards?

First thing’s first, this is not about me. Your vows to your partner are 100% for you, not for me. With that being said, I have created an exclusive vow guide that walks you down memory lane and gives you an outline to help you write your vows! If you would like any extra feedback or writing help, I can certainly lend an ear!

When will I get my final film?

Video editing takes time. With multiple layers of video, sound design, song selection, custom composition to blend songs, color correction, and most importantly, telling your story, I’m not as quick as your photographer. I deliver your final film within 120 days of your wedding, but I promise, it will be well worth the wait!

Are engagement films a thing?

HELL YES! Your engagement film can add another level of storytelling to show your personalities, and tie everything in together with your final film. This is a great time for us to get to know each other, and for you to get comfy cozy moving and loving on each other on film!

Do you sell raw footage?

I do not. And this is for a couple reasons. First, I film in a flat color profile, so unless you have video editing software, it’s unusable out of camera. Second, there are shakes, bumps, missed focus, etc, that I like to leave on the cutting room floor. I can deliver the culled footage, back to back shots, with color correction, so we can discuss the cost of that if you are interested. Most couples don’t do anything with the unedited footage, it’s just too much to handle.